Edvard Helgetun

Game Developer / Software Developer
C++ / C# (.NET)


Chasm Bound

Date: August 2022 - Present

Chasm Bound is a challenging 3D Platformer gamer inspired by difficult games like "Jump King" and "Getting over it", but giving it more of a "casual" spin on the genre. Chasm Bound is Developed in Unreal Engine 5.

The player finds themselves at the bottom of a deep trench, and must climb their way up to the top to escape. To do this, the player must use all of their abilities such as, Steam Jumping, Dashing, Ledge Climbing, & Gliding, in order to succeed. Collect Spores along the way to purchase upgrades to your abilities from the friendly Rat man that resides in the Chasm.

I was the Lead Gameplay Programmer for this project, I worked on the Character Controller, Gameplay Mechanics, Dialogue System, Upgrade / Shop System, and Level Design.

Chasm Bound was my Bachelor Project together with 3 other students, it received an 'A' and was nominated for 3 awards at the Game School Expo 2023.
The game is planned to release in Q4 of 2023 on Steam.
Console release is planned for 2024 on Xbox Series X.

Check it out on Steam!

University Projects:

My Local Monster

Date: 01/2022 - 05/2022


Cosmetic Shop

Customization Screen

Map Screen

Quiz Fight Screen

My Local Monster is a quiz based Gamification project inspired by Pokemon GO, developed in Unreal Engine 4 together with 4 other students. The project targeted mobile devices .

Players would walks around a city, defeating monsters by engaging in quiz fights, where all the questions are related to the real world city the player finds themselves in. Winning these fights unlock harder monsters and Gold that can be used to purchase cosmetics for your own monster friend.

My role in this project was to develop the character customization, the cosmetics shop, and achievements.
I also worked on the learning model on the gamification side of the project.

Developed during the spring semester of 2022 and received an 'A'.

Available on GitHub!

Game Engine

Date: 01/2022 - 12/2022

Together with another student, we developed our own game engine using OpenGL and Qt.

My contribution to the engine includes Point Cloud visualization, Bouncing ball physics simulation on point cloud terrain, Freecam controller, Player controller, Level switching system, Entity Component system, Stereo and Mono Sound, and Particle System. (Sound and Particles can be added as components to any entity).

Developed during the spring and autumn semesters of 2022.

Available on GitHub!

Sealed Away

Date: 01/2021 - 05/2021

Sealed Away is an isometric ARPG dungeon crawler developed in Unreal Engine 4. The player finds themselves "Sealed away" in a crypt by a kingdom who fears their overwhelming power, by escaping the crypt they can regain all their power and take revenge.

This project was developed in a single semester together with 5 other students, what we accomplished in that time is a dungeon crawler with 2D Zelda-like combat, 2 enemy types, a boss fight, 3 differently themed levels, weapon durability system, environmental puzzles, environmental hazards and a handful of interactive elements.

My role in this project was to develop the Environmental Gameplay Elements, Interactable Objects, Enemy AI, Particle Effects, and Level Design.

Developed during the spring semester of 2021 and received an 'A'.

Available on GitHub!

Five Kingdoms (Board Game)

Date: 01/2021 - 05/2021

"Five Kingdoms" is a board game made in Tabletop Simulator together with 5 other students, developed at the same time as "Sealed Away".

Inspired by LUDO and "Unstable Unicorns", we made a board game where the goal is to have all your knights travel through all the kingdoms to gather knowledge, so they can enter the sacred shrine and claim Excalibur, the sword that conquers all. Along the way you can play cards to either help yourself or disrupt other players to halt their progress. One can also partake in dice fights if two knights occupy the same tile, the loser being sent back to their home kingdom.

Developed during the spring semester of 2021.